5 Indian Bollywood blogs

If you are a cinephile, then this article is definitely for you to read. We have listed down the top 5 Bollywood blogs which cover every about the industry. The top 5 Indian Bollywood blogs are as follows:

Blog to Bollywood

Blog to Bollywood covers most of the news about the entertainment industry. Via this blog, you can get information about movie reviews, movie trailers, box office collection, music reviews, etc. Blog to Bollywood also has a segment in their website called as Bollywood Bakar which features all the gossip. After reading this blog, you may also wish to join the film industry.


Mad About Moviez

Mad about Moviez is a blog which features unique kinds of cinema articles as they are in love with every kind of film. The readers of the Mad about Moviez are hooked to the blog. For being a part of Mad About Movies, the blog announces amazing contests for the readers. This blog is distinct from others as it discusses movies of Satyajit Ray as well as Tarantino. The owners of the blog are passionate movie watchers which can be concluded after having a look at the blog.



AddaToday is a blog in which everyday news of the Bollywood industry is covered. This blog releases content on an everyday basis. The owners of AddaToday are definitely too fond of the industry as they cover each topic like movie reviews, celeb gossip, release dates and every other aspect. If you too are as fond as the owners of AddaToday, then this blog is a must for you to check out.



FilmyKeeday is a blog site which gives recommendations and reviews about different films. This site has recommended thousands of movies to their readers and they cover content on celebrities as well. FilmyKeeday also has a segment in which they cover top 10 category blogs which is very interesting to read.



This site is where the reviews of the movies are given from the heart as the title suggests. The author of this blog has put a lot of effort into creating its style as it reflects his/her passion for films. The reviews of movies on this site helps us decide on which movie is worth watching.